An Introduction: This series is dedicated to the healing powers of plants and how they can support a balanced contemporary lifestyle.

Do you know all of the ways in which plants touch your life? Just as we are the eyes and the ears of the Earth, plants are also a consciousness that is birthed from our planet. No matter who we are, plants touch our lives in so many ways that we can’t even understand. The most common ways in which we interact with plants include everything from building materials for our homes, wood for our fires, to fruits and vegetables for our bodily nourishment. The goal of this series, however, is to initiate plant spirit rituals into our daily lives for physical and spiritual healing.

Plant Spirit medicine has been used by our ancestors and communities for thousands of years, no matter what your religion or spiritual beliefs. There is a divine healing magic to plants that is contained in their vibrational frequency. The Universe is nothing but energy transformed, and the energy stored in plant genetic coding is what is used to bring us back into equilibrium.

True Plant Spirit wisdom is Medicine 1.0, and as we move into a “Brave New World”, I believe Plant Spirit wisdom will again be a prominent factor for our growth and healing. Why is this necessary, why is Plant Spirit wisdom important? Simply, it is a revival to our roots and to the connection that we have with the Earth and each other. In the past, when we were in smaller tribes, we depended much more on each other for survival, and we looked to the elders and shaman in the tribe to speak with divine nature. This connection they had could give us strong communication and stories that led us to greater paths and helped to predict our lives. I like to see these stories as us being the dream of consciousness and each one of us playing a role in this collective manifestation.

So, what I leave to you is this. Over the next week, every time that you use or ingest something that comes from a plant, in any way, I want you to give thanks. Simply say in prayer or gratitude, why you are blessed to have this plant offering in your life.

I have an invitation for anyone who dare take it. Reach out to 3 people and ask if they have ever hugged a tree and/or given gratitude to nature? Have a conversation and share your own gratitude for the world we live. It could be your best friend, family or complete strangers, you choose, and express how nature sustains life and how we are re-charged when plugged into nature. I give you my word that it will provide more insight into yourself and guide you to discover greater paths.

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