Our products are made using pure, organic and wild-harvested ingredients, as nature meant for it to be.We are dedicated to finding the most powerful ancient botanical formulas and bringing them directly to you for enhanced bodily health and spiritual wellness.


Powerful, Clean & Sustained Energy for an Elite Lifestyle!

This SUPER COFFEE ELIXIR is perfect for anyone who needs to stay in action and on the move! The potent, organic super-herbs we add to this formula will give you sustained energy, without the crash.


Bold Energy & Vitality for Increased Longevity!

This SUPER CACAO TEA ELIXIR brings you the best of both worlds for increased longevity—more energy to live life to the fullest, and more vitality to do it for as long as possible.

Every product we offer is a ritual of intelligence and care that has been shared and passed down since the dawn of traditional herbalism. Countless generations of wisdom are collected and captured in every product to deliver sustenance, and provide the building blocks of organic life.


Enhance Cognitive Function & Brain Health!

This VANILLA BEAN ELIXIR is designed to enhance your cognitive function—specifically memory, intelligence, motivation, focus and energy—using ancient botanicals that contain the most potent antioxidants and micronutrients in nature.


Improve Sexual Performance & Stamina!

This DARK CHOCOLATE CHILI ELIXIR contains powerful herbs to legally boost your testosterone production, helping your body to naturally build muscle, maintain stamina, and improve performance and sexual appetite.